Manages Service Provider - AI , Automation and Robotics



  • Managed Robotics Services

    Experts from our state of the art command and control center can monitor, manage and support your fleet of Robots and/or a set of Cognitive Process Automations for you.

  • Robotics Workforce Augmentation Services

    Ready to augment and improve your human workers’ efficiency , productivity and accuracy using robots?.

  • Robotics Workforce Auditing & Compliance

    Our experts can not only help with standard auditing and compliance reporting, but also evaluate your fleet of robots for the proper cognitive, social, ethical and emotional qualities!

  • Robotics Workforce Consulting & Advisory Services

    Not sure where to start with your Investments in the ‘Autonomous Robolution’?. We can help.

  • Robotics Custom Solutions

    Our expertise span across the entire life cycle- We can help you with Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing, Support & Maintenance of custom robotics programs and process flows.

  • Automation & Robotics CoE Design & Development

    It can be confusing. We are here to help. Let’s get your Cognitive Automation CoE done right at the first time.

  • Training Services

    We offer a complete package where you can define the goals and use cases and our team creates entire training materials, and live training for your existing workforce.

  • Robotics Testing Services

    It is important to get your Robot to do the right thing at the right time and place. We can help.