About Us

About us

We are living in the era where fundamental transformation is happening in the way we work. Every Industry is in the in the midst of a digital transformation. Digital workforce is making inroads in the workplace, with machines & software carrying out physical and cognitive activities.

‘Digital Workers’ automate processes in a different areas such as finance, HR, Information Technology, Sales etc/ and also in specific industrial processes in Insurance & Financial services, Telecom, Oil & Gas, Retail, Manufacturing and other industries. Digital workers performing 24/7 would result in increased efficiency, reduced costs and effective use of employee’s time.

Market is has many players are offering a large array of products related to digital workforce. Generally these are ready to deploy and platform independent tools that demonstrates value in no time. They exist in the form of chat-bots, service bots, AI based dashboards, virtual assistants, cognitive automated tools, Robotic Process Automation etc.

Digital Workforce as a Service

PlatAIR is an open platform for digital workforce.

PlatAIR is the perfect place for if you are looking at effectively blending humans and technology as partners for a strong competitive position in the years ahead.

Our integrated “Digital workforce’ platform helps bringing all the digital workforce technologies in one place. You will get all the relevant information about digital workers right from product information, comparisons, customer reviews etc.

You could buy/ hire digital workers through our platform. You could also request for customized services & expert advice.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to develop a platform-driven digital workforce ecosystem and to

  • Make digital workforce accessible and valuable to everyone.
  • Create the common standard & framework enabling Interoperability of digital workforce.

Our Partners

Partners are essential to this platform and we believe in co-creating the future with them.Through this platform, we aim to collaborate with service providers, developers and industry experts to offer better solutions and experiences to our customers.