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  • Unlocking business value with
    AI, Automation and Robotics

  • Cognitive Robotics Automation as a
    Service, Delivered.

One Stop Shop

We do it all - simple robot deployments, cognitive process automations, complex warehousing automations or integrated command center to manage and monitor robots.

Expert Advice

If you are a developer, consultant or business who requires further advice on augmenting your workforce with robots, related platforms or has any customized requests, we offer offline expert guidance on the same.

Plug & Play

We work with most of major cognitive software and hardware robotics companies in the world. Often times, we help customers with plug and play services.

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Our Vision

Build a better world where humans and robots collaborate and make a difference by using Artificial Intelligence.
Our goal is collaborate with customers and help them reduce costs and improve throughput, efficiency, and productivity, while working alongside people.
Cost, flexibility and adaptability are major factor that concerns any customer. Our Managed Robotics Service approach enable organizations to offer on-demand digital workforce services at a dramatically reduced cost and effort.
81% of top technology leaders think that platform-based business models will be core to their growth strategy within three years. we aim to develop common standards & frameworks where customers to select and move from one platform to another.

How We Do It

We combine both design thinking and agile best practices to provide best value to our customers.


Empathize & Define :

It is not about the technology. We are here to understand and define the problems before coming our with a technology solution.


Ideate & Prototype :

Let’s ideate and develop the best solution, in collaboration.


Deploy & Refine :

Review the progress, results and ROI. Refine and repeat.



Let’s go all in.

Services We Offer

Managed Robotics Services


Robotics Workforce Augmentation Services


Robotics Workforce Auditing & Compliance


Robotics Workforce Consulting & Advisory Services


Robotics Custom Solutions


Robotics CoE Design & Development


Training Services


Robotics Testing Services


Future Workforce
Artificial Intelligence

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