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One Stop Shop

A simple, easy to use platform accessible from anywhere in the world. Find digital workers for general purposes, functional or Industry specific requirements on this platform.

Expert Advice

If you are a developer, consultant or business who requires further advice on digital workforce tools or has any customized requests, we offer offline expert guidance on the same.

Plug & Play

Our platform make the best effort to make a seamless experience for you in finding products matching your specific needs, read & review "digital worker" profiles and provide feedback.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to make digital workforce accessible and valuable to everyone.
Partners are key to any digital platform. Our goal is to develop meaningful partnerships and collaborations which will help in creating better products and service for the customers. Moreover, such partnerships form the basis for a digital workforce community.
Cost, flexibility and adaptability are major factor that concerns any customer. Our Blockchain based platform enabling organizations to offer on-demand digital workforce at a dramatically reduced cost and effort.
81% of top technology leaders think that platform-based business models will be core to their growth strategy within three years. we aim to develop common standards & frameworks where customers to pick and choose right combinations of digital worker(s) and also seamlessly shift from one digital worker tool to another.

How It Works


List :

Organizations or Developers list their Digital Workers.


Search & Submit Interest :

Customers to compare & shortlist digital worker portfolios, according to their requirement, reach out to PlatAIR to start the process.


Contract & Get Started with Digital Worker:

Finalize the engagement , deploy and get started with the Digital Worker.

Launching Soon: Blockchain based platform enabling organizations to offer Digital Workforce as a Service.

Services We Offer

Digital Workforce as a Service.


Consulting Services.


Digital Workforce Center of Excellence ( CoE) Development.


Digital Workforce Auditing & Compliance.



Hire, Rent& Contract

Search and filter to find the right Digital Worker based on your requirements. Subscribe to a Digital Worker with a smart contract based on the engagement model supported by the Owner of the Digital worker


If you are a digital workforce product developer or organization, our platform will help you reach the right customer.

Combine Services

We enable custom build Digital Workforce services, in collaboration and to scale.Automatically clone the digital worker based on the number of subscriptions

Review& Rate

Provide Reviews and Rate the Digital Worker or Owner based on the experience.

Monitor and Manage

Account Dashboard to view Transaction details, Digital Worker Performance and account settings.


  • It is Happening

    Digital Workforce to automate between 110M to 150M human jobs by 2025

  • Intelligent
    Digital Workforce

    RPA + Cognitive + Analytics = Digital Workforce

  • Flexible

    Buying into Business Performance and Outcomes


Digital Workforce: What is Getting Automated

Front Office


Back Office

Customer Management

F & A

Business Service Center

Service Catalogue Enquires


Human Resources

Access Management


Finance and accounting

User Administration



Request Management


Supply Chain

Problem management


Customer Experience

Incentives and Claimes



Future Workforce
Artificial Intelligence

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